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Our Course Offerings
Demand Response 101
Competitive Power Markets 101
Renewable Markets Management 101
Natural Gas Markets 101
Energy Risk Management 101
Energy Markets - Executive Short Course

For information about our corporate onsite training, please contact us at 1.866.891.2369 or training@skippingstone.com

Public Classes

Skipping Stone offers public classes, too.

For more information, please call or email:
Sarah Thompson


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Trainers to the Energy Marketplace

Skipping Stone offers a unique method of providing energy training and continuing education services. Unlike others, our courses are focused on the business aspects of the energy market and are taught by veteran energy executives with a deep understanding of the energy industry. Our course instructors take pride in their ability to make complex topics easy to understand and to engage each participant to assure they get a strong foundation that they can carry forward into their professional careers.

Each of our courses comes with a comprehensive manual and utilizes interactive exercises that create real world simulations for course participants. Immediate application of the concepts in the training manual through these exercises results in significantly higher retention levels.

The experience of our instructors allows participants to ask wide ranging and in-depth questions about the training topic and related industry experiences. By engaging client leadership beforehand, all of our training courses can be shaped to fit client strategies, utilize client products and services in the examples, and provide industry context for the participant. Our unique methods enable participants to understand the big picture, as well as how the concepts in each chapter apply to their company and to their specific job function.

"For the first time I get how the market works and how our products fit into the big picture.
I'm excited to get back out there now that I have a better perspective on things." J.A.

How Our Training Works Who Should Take Our Courses?
• Small personalized classes • Managers and executives
• Expert instructors with energy industry   leadership experience • Engineers or technical employees who need   to know the business side of the energy   markets
• In-person training at your facility • People engaged in energy transactions
• Executive interviews prior to training   sessions to shape the course content • People new to the energy markets or   transitioning into a new position
• Actual market examples and scenarios • Employees in support roles
• Interactive exercises bring topics to life • Personnel responsible for sales and new   markets
• Comprehensive manual for each   student • Services providers to the energy industry
  • People exploring new market opportunities

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