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When experience matters...

Our clients call us when they need to get results, solve a problem or simply bounce an idea off us.They know we will give them honest advice based on years of experience in the energy markets. We love nothing more than to work hand in hand with clients toward the same goals. Achieving measurable results has become our trademark.

Our clients call us when they need doors opened or want to make sure projects and market implementations are a success. With our broad reach and multi-disciplined team of industry veterans, it's highly likely we have the existing relationships needed to open doors. Because we have walked many miles in our clients' shoes, we know what it takes to make sure projects and implementations get done right.

Every successful senior executive reached the top by relying on go to people to get things done...
We are the go to people.


             We deliver measurable results
             All of our people are from the energy industry
             No learning curve saves time and money
             Strategies can actually be implemented
             We transfer knowledge to our clients

To read about our people, click on a name at left. For more information about our business model and approach, please read the letter from our CEO.



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How Skipping Stone Got Its Name

Version 1. The name Skipping Stone was chosen for two reasons,
one because it is easy to remember and two because it represents
our basic consulting premise; work on projects that make an impact,
help clients create ripples of lasting change, then move on to the next project.

Version 2. As he struggled to come up with a good name for his
consulting company, our founder, Peter Weigand, used his poker buddies
as a focus group, meeting every other Friday night at his lake house
to review prospective names and, perhaps, play some cards and shoot some pool.

One evening, as the group "labored" into the wee hours of the morning,
they took a break and walked down to the lake where they became engaged
in a heated moonlight stone skipping contest. The rest, as they say, is history.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. As you explore the Web site and try to "figure us out," perhaps a bit of background and perspective might help.

It all started when, as an energy executive, I became frustrated with spending boatloads of money for consultants who didn't really know our business. Being entrepreneurial by nature, I was determined that there must be a better way, so Skipping Stone was launched in 1996. The business model was simple… put only experienced energy professionals on consulting assignments. We still follow that model today.

Along the way some of our larger competitors tried to teach me a few lessons about the consulting business. Problem was, I didn't like their model of putting whoever was on the beach on the next assignment regardless of fit, or their goal of taking up permanent residence at client sites. Seemed to me those types of business practices are only good for the consultant, not the client.

As a result, our model is based on augmenting the core leadership and project management staff with our large virtual bench, which has hundreds of independent energy professionals from a wide variety of disciplines ready on short notice. This way we make sure the skill fit is on target and we don't incur, and thus charge clients for, beach time. We also adopted the premise that every assignment has a beginning and an end with measurable goals to guide the work. That way we can be held accountable and have to earn repeat business. I have been told by our larger brethren that this model is all wrong. So be it.

If these are the traits you are looking for in the people you choose to work with you and your company, then by all means, let's talk. If you're an experienced energy professional looking for interesting work with a group of industry veterans, please visit our Career Center.

Peter Weigand
Chairman & CEO